Easter @ The Grove

We had a wonderful first easter brunch at the Grove. The kitchen was alive and running in the wee hours of the morning. Our front of house staff came in early to help set up and decorate.  It was a very festive day with sold out reservations, full bellies, and another hole to punch out of our belts. Thanks to Avis and the kids for helping with the eggs. The silk tie ones came out amazing! Also a big mahalo to Blaine for dressing up as our Easter bunny-who could ask for a better bunny?


Kailua Beach Wedding





We had the opportunity to do our first off-site catering representing  The Grove on Friday, March 16, 2012. The site was a beautiful property on Kailua beach, a dream location to host an intimate Hawaiian wedding.
Chef Fred DeAngelo put together a spectacular menu; some highlights featuring signature passed appetizers such as the butter poached lobster in won ton spoons, and for dinner a succulent beef tenderloin and Kampachi Papillote.
The couple, their parents, and the hosts of the event were amazing throughout the planning. We especially enjoyed teaming up with The Catering Connection, an amazing event coordination and rental business and look forward to working with them on future windward Oahu events.

It was a memorable time had by all, especially by our awesome staff who got to experience being “out of the restaurant.” Mahalo to Lei and Brandon from The Catering Connection and also a huge thank you to Peter and Sue for the referral and beautiful location. Mahalo to Cathy and Gary for the beautiful thank you card and words of praise. And of course, congratulations to the beautiful bride Laura and new hubby DJ!






Girl’s Day Chic Picnic

We celebrated Girl’s day on Saturday, March 3, 2012 at The Grove, and what better way to celebrate than with champagne, CHIC picnic food, and friends!  Our amazing mixologist “Vegas,” concocted us crisp Primatera Prosecco with a splash of Liquor 43, fresh apple martini’s, and sparkling pomegranate cider for the little ladies…

Chef Fred DeAngelo presented a wonderful menu.. the sugar snap pea salad was a fave,  as well as the seafood and Big Island beef kabobs, just to name a few.  We were spoiled with beautiful desserts, especially Buffy’s pink peppermint mousse which was light as a cloud with  just the right amount of  sweetness.  Needless to say they disappeared quickly!

The little diva’s were able to get mini manicures while the ladies got to shop for beautiful jewelry by  Meesah (Melisa Medalle)  and Flower Eyes (Alyssa Vetter).   The Ocean Vodka infusion bar take home favor was also a hit.  Everyone went home with bellies full of  food and prizes.  So ladies, stay tuned for the next one, it was a wonderful day! 

Family Friendly

As parents of young children, we understand how it can be to dine out with your kids. Frankly, you just don’t want to do it, unless the place is just right. And when you do go out with them, it’s hard to relax because there are those nagging questions that go through your mind like…
“Are we making too much noise?”
“Are people going to give us the stink eye because we have kids with us?”
“What can I do to keep my child busy, so I can have a decent conversation with my spouse?”
“Is there anything healthy for my child to eat?”
Well, at The Grove, we like to think that we are family friendly. Our kid’s menu features great items for kids, such as Cole’s chicken bubu, Lil’ Lana’s salmon, and Maya Rose’s surf and turf. You can even order juice or milk flights or design your own cupcake for dessert. If the kids are craving some fresh baked cookies ala mode, then be sure to tell your server at the beginning of the meal so they will be ready by dessert. The booth seating and fish tanks are ideal for kids, not to mention our craft buckets to keep them busy while you enjoy your glass of wine. The Grove is a lively place, booming with excitement and energy, a perfect place to take the little ones! Next time, make a date with your child and see for yourself.

Hostess Stand

We had to figure out a way to greet people at the restaurant and we figured we needed a hostess stand.  We searched for stands and podiums on-line, basically everywhere, and dang, those things are pricey!  Hallelujah for Ervey, Cynthia’s wonderfully handy friend, who built this beautiful hostess stand.  He lined the outside with wine boxes and made drawers and shelves on the inside for all the menus and supplies.  What would we do without nice men who are retired and can do carpentry work?  Send them our way please so we can give Bud a break!  Thanks again Ervey!